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Anthony Insurance Services specializes in comprehensive coverage for all types of sports, and we understand the special needs martial arts school and studio owners have when it comes to accident and liability coverage.

From Karate and Tae Kwon Do to Jiu-Jitsu and all other types of defensive arts, we will design a martial arts insurance program that meets the needs of your business, eliminating the financial and emotional burden an injury or lawsuit can cause.

Martial arts and karate school insurance is available for online quoting and purchase. After payment is processed successfully, proof of insurance is email automatically.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Martial Arts Insurance:

What styles of Martial Arts is covered?
(Ask for a list of Excluded Martial Arts)All Martial Arts Styles are covered under the policy as long as they are for training and instructional purposes only. List of common martial arts styles:

Karate Tae Kwon Do Aikido
Kenpo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Capoeira
Boxing Kickboxing Tai Chi
Mixed Martial Arts Kung Fu Self Defense
Judo Jeet Kune Do Chi Kun
Krav Maga Tang soo do Muay Thai
Wushu Kendo Shito-rye
What is covered under the martial arts insurance policy?
The insurance provides two (2) policies: an accident medical policy and a general liability policy.The accident medical policy helps pay the medical bills of an injured participant up to $100,000 per claim (less $250 deductible).The general liability policy protects you and your studio in the event of a lawsuit if someone sues your studio (including owners, directors, employees, and Instructors (volunteers and W-2) for bodily injury and/or property damage and the litigation costs to defend such claims.Please note, the general liability policy provides coverage if you are found negligent in damaging someone else’s property. Any damage to your business personal property would need to be covered under the Equipment Insurance Policy (see more information on Equipment insurance below or by clicking here)
How much does it cost?
Premium is based off the estimated number of students enrolled during the busiest month of the year (counting each student only once) and the amount of coverage selected.

Minimum premium starts at $450.00 per year and covers up to 50 students.

Please note, premium rates are scheduled to increase effective January 1, 2016.

I am a new studio and don’t have any students yet, how do I determine the student number?
For new studios, we typically issue at minimum premium unless you think your student count during your first year will be over 50. Minimum premium rates covers up to 50 unique individuals enrolled during the busiest month of operation (counting each student only once).
What if my student numbers increase or decrease over the year?
Please provide the best estimate at time of application. Then, at renewal, you will provide an updated student count number and recalculate premium as needed.
Are tournaments/workshops/seminars covered under the policy?
(Need to follow up with FLD on new rates and def. of seminar)
I need to add my landlord as an additional insured. What does this mean and how much does it cost?
The first 3 additional insureds are free. Any additional insured thereafter will incur a $10 fee.
What if I need to make changes during the policy term (i.e., address change, name change, etc.)?
All policy changes need to be made in writing. Please submit the policy change/add form and the updated policy endorsements and certificates will be issued and returned to you.
Are instructors covered?
All Volunteer Staff and W-2 Employees are covered under the policy. Any instructors that are 1099/non-employees are not covered but can be added back to the policy for an additional premium of $75 per independent contractor.
How do you add back an independent contractor?
Submit the online form and payment. The name and mailing address of the independent contractor is required. Do not use the address for the studio.
If someone is renting my studio, what kind of insurance is needed?
The renter must have insurance and name your studio as an additional insured. Your policy will not cover any claims arising out of the use of renters. Please require a copy of the renters insurance prior to letting them use your space.
How do I insure my mats, uniforms, computers, equipment and contents?
Coverage for the studio’s contents and equipment is available for purchase. Equipment Coverage protects your Owned or Leased Business Personal Property, Inventory, Tenant Improvements, Signs, Equipment, Computers, Furniture, and Other Related Business Property against Theft or Damages resulting from Accidents, Fire, Smoke, Water, Earthquake, Flood, Wind, and Transit/Shipping.
The policy term is for 12 months. Coverage can be purchased with the studio policy or at a later date. If purchasing with the Accident & Liability policy the coverage rates are available on step 3 of 4.
Are summer camps covered?
Summer camps are not covered under the policy but can be added back for an additional premium.
How quickly can coverage be effective?
Coverage binds when application and payment are received.
When will I receive my policy documents?
Upon purchase, proof of insurance will be automatically emailed to email address listed on the application.
Are payment options available?
Yes, premium financing is available. You will have the option to select the financing when paying for the policy. Please note finance fees will apply.

Review policy information and coverage details.

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